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Writing and editing services

I help artists, galleries and creative businesses communicate succinctly and vibrantly.

Building on my considerable experience as an art critic and journalist, I work closely with clients to produce clear, punchy gallery PR, essays, web texts and artist statements. For examples of artists’ texts and gallery PR I’ve worked on, see selected published writing.

I’ve worked with small artist-run spaces, non-profits and larger commercial galleries, and with emerging and more established artists. Previous clients include: Anna Ilsley (artist, UK); Tom Christoffersen Gallery (Copenhagen); Ian Giles (artist/curator, UK); Dominic Myatt (artist, UK); Fresh Window Gallery (NYC);  Maia Conran (artist, UK); Annie Hémond Hotte (artist/curator, NYC), and Nadja Kirschgarten (artist, Switzerland), among many others.

I charge fees based on clients’ ability to pay and project size. We’ll agree on a flat rate fee after a brief conversation and before I start writing a fresh text or editing your existing one, so I can get a feel for your particular project and gauge how many hours are likely to be involved. Up to three rounds of re-editing are included:

Short statement

Longer artist statement

Gallery PR or exhibition text

As in those required for artist residency, exhibition or prize applications : $100 – $200

For websites and/or more substantial applications. Artists often use these as a text they can keep drawing on for multiple applications and exhibition statements: $200 – $500

Single page releases, longer essays and/or wall texts: $300 – $750

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