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"Helena is a brilliant writer, incredibly perceptive and engaging. She has helped me with numerous projects from published books to applications - I highly recommend her." 


Dominic Myatt – artist, London

"Helena wrote an essay for my website... She transformed an extensive email exchange and studio visit of garbled interests, inspirations, intentions and ideas into a succinct, intelligent survey of my work that is as readable as it is informed and insightful.


In fact, I learnt so much about my work and processes through her sensitive and erudite writing, and the piece remains valuable today: I  refer to it constantly when preparing for artists talks, interviews, applications, statements. 


Helena is a real delight to work with. I and others have always respected her for her fierce intelligence and critical reflections whilst her persona is friendly and assuring. I can’t recommend her more highly."

Anna Ilsley – artist, London

"Helena Haimes is a brilliant writer and a joy to work with.

I reached out to her to edit my artist statement and a few applications. 

She's a great listener, and so exactly understood my intentions and described my work in an accurate and consistent manner.

She cut to the chase and focused on what was important.

She also wrote a press release for an exhibition I curated a few years ago in New York, and many people reached out to me to ask about who wrote the essay.

Not only is she very insightful, and informed about historic and contemporary conversations of art, she is also an excellent researcher which allows her to write about subjects outside of her comfort zone.

I highly recommend her!"

Annie Hémond Hotte - artist, Brooklyn, NY

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